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Friday, 25 November 2011


Leggins & black pumps - New Look
Hat  & Scarf- H&m
Dress - River Island
Necklace & bag - Urban Outfitters
Gloves - Miss Selfridge
Jacket - Primark

Arrived in Amsterdam this morning around 9am Dutch time. The trip was exceptionally awkward, awkward sleeping, awkward transport - Sea France were not running ferries so we had to wait around from 1am until 3:30am to go on the Euro tunnel. All in all it was an exhausting journey but we arrived safely which is the main thing. 

Went out to explore the city - it was so exhilarating - the fashion is so different to the fashion I see in England, Chinese restaurants were everything and since I loved Chinese food, I was in food heaven! We spent most the day in a chinese take-out place. They out the food in those little cardboard boxes that I've only ever seen on American films like in New York City and I gave the chop sticks a go but it didn't really work out so well... 

Coffee shops were everywhere and the red light district was grim to say the least. Don't know how the government can accept prostitution as normal, men were picking out what women they wanted like they were pieces of meat. Quite sad and depressing. On a lighter note, really loved the rest of the city!

They had fast food vending machines, how cool!? England only crisps and chocolate vending machines is a little behind...



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