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Thursday, 8 December 2011


Coat - Vinatge
T-shirt - H&M
Leather skinnies & Wooly hat - Topshop
Scarf - River Island
Pumps - Office

My FAVOURITE all time coat. Can't believe I haven't worn it on the blog before. Bought it from a Charity Shop when I was in the last year of school so three years ago now. Glad to say it has faithfully served me every winter ever since.

Monday, 5 December 2011

sporting the look

Random sports cap
Miss Selfridge shorts
New Look poncho
Topshop shirt

I completely forgot it's sale season. I've got far too much work on to be hitting the shops so my bank account will remain safe. (For now)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cover Up

1. The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation (shade 08) - I usually use this foundation for the evening. It's slightly heavier than the Extra Virgin Minerals foundation (labelled as number 2) so I never wear it in the day. Gives me an even coverage and a matt finish.

2.Extra Virgin Minerals  Cream Foundation (shade 402)- made with minerals so its pretty healthy and easy going on my skin. I use it in the day-time. People always comment on how you can never tell if I'm wearing foundation - a good sign that your foundation looks natural.

3. The Body Shop pressed face powder (shade 06) - I usually use this over the top of the oil balancing foundation as it gives it more of a matt finish and I never have to re-apply throughout the day.

4. The Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It - feels like silk! My face always feels so smooth and foundation is easier to apply after using it.

5. The Body Shop Moisturising Primer - if my skin feels particularly dry some days even after moisturising, I'll apply this primer instead of the matte finish one.

beauty Bible

I've posted my face ritual because a quite a few people and friends have asked me what I use on my skin and how I always seem to have such an even skin tone. I'm lucky in that I have quite dry skin and so my skin is always pretty clear but I find the products that I use golden and are probably a big help. They're not expensive either! I'm not a fan of over priced products that half of the time don't even work or do just as good as a job as cheaper ones. Having so many girls in my family I've tried and tested quite a few products but these are my favourite. 

1. 'Dirty Works Wake up Call Face Wash': I use this twice a day, morning and night. Face feels smooth and soft even before I've moisturised

2. 'Dirty Works Youth Sexy Thing Day Cream': for me, this product is holy. Makes my skin amazingly soft. I always apply it when my face is a little damp as this locks in the moisturiser as the water dries from my face. Even the most oily skin should be treated to a light moisturiser. Can't stress that enough.  

2. 'Dirty Works Sleep It Off Night Cream': same as the day cream but for night. Again I apply it whilst my face is wet and after using my facial wash. My skin never gives me hassle so in return I treat it well and never got to sleep with my make up on. The night is the time where your skin does most of its damage so a night-time moisturiser is really important. I moisturise religiously which is probably why my skin tone is, and always looks so even.

3. 'Clearasil Rapid Action Treatment Cream': When I'm stressed sometimes I find I'll have one or two small spots develop. I put this on and in a few days they'll have disappeared.

4. 'The Beauty Parlour Dark Circles and Eye Treatment': I apply this gently under the eyes before I use my eye moisturiser, not everyday but if I'm over tired and have dark circles. Believe it or not it actually works. 

5. 'Dirty Works Banish The Bags Eyecream': the eye is a very delicate area and so it needs extra TLC. It's scent free which is good as I hate scented products for the face. 

6. If I am exceptionally tired and have bags under my eyes (which, with this university work I seem to have them recently) then I'll use this eye cream. It absorbs quickly so the eye area won't shine and look greasy. 

7. 'The Body Shop Elderflower Eye Gel': I use this after I've applied my eye moisturiser. If my eyes are tired or sore I put it in the fridge for ten minutes and it goes cold and feels so refreshing when applied under my eyes.

8. 'Loreal Triple Active Cleansing Wipes': I never substitute my face wash or scrub for wipes, I use them to get my make-up off or wipe my face after using my face wash only. These are perfume free but I think all face wipes pretty much do the same despite what they claim on the packet. 

9. 'Dirty Works Belle of The Ball Face Mask': I use this maybe once a week or every two weeks. Depends how I'm feeling and if I can be bothered waiting for it to dry before washing it off.

10. 'Dirty Works Pore-fect Face Scrub': again only use this depends on how I feel. Sometimes I'll swap my face wash for this and use it say four times a week.