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Friday, 7 December 2012

Percival riding boot

Topshop Percival Strap Riding Boots
You better believe I searched high and low to get these boots. They flew off the shelves in stores and even sold out online. I knew my home town wouldn't let me down, they had one pair left in my size. Totally worth the £30 train ticket to get there from Lancaster and the endless phone calls to Topshop stores throughout the country. They have a suede panel that runs up the back of the shoe and the strap adds a uniqueness to an otherwise standard high knee boot. Double win.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

wooed by wood

Wooden heels - Internacionale
Originally went out to buy some creepers, came back with these. Enough information. 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sale season

Topshop jewellery
It's that four letter word that makes us go crazy. Especially if the signs are all in red. They'll really grab my attention and then I know I'm in the high-danger-spending-zone. It's almost like a primal instinct - the desire to spend, spend, spend when we see the word 'SALE'. We quite literally shop 'til we drop (or more embarrassingly, until our card declines). I hit Topshop and as usual, Arcadia didn't fail to impress.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

giving some love to my new baby xxxxxxxx

I accidentally spilt a chai latte on my laptop on Thursday and now it's no longer working :(. I will really miss my old one, it soldiered me through some of my toughest essays and during all of my university exams. As a replacement though, I decided to buy a mac. I am in love. How did I not praise apple products before??? It's pure performance, and nothing less.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

sequin sin

Jumper; Vintage from Affleck's palace.
Isn't it pretty? Sorry I haven't posted for so long. But if there is anything worth breaking my silence for, it's finding those one-off purchases in vintage boutiques that make you go wow. It's even more thrilling when they're all in your size. Good jumpers deserve good homes and I know what jumper will be taking care of me this winter. 

Friday, 27 April 2012


Topshop Shorts & jacket, Miss Selfridge earrings & heels, H&M sports bra

Breaking in some fantastic whites. I love this colour; I only wish it agreed with me more - so hard to keep clean! Other than that it's perfect - classy, fresh and 'oh so darling'!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

the mother of all woodies

Clogs by Deena & Ozzy @ Urban Outfitters
Are these not worth every stumble/potential sprained ankle? haha

River Island leggings & dress, Miss Selfridge Jacket & Cross necklace, Asos heels
photos by Fergus
Cherry leather - THE most amazing colour for a leather jacket, right? Bought it when I worked at Miss Selfridge and it's been a staple ever since. I'm really loving vertical stripes on clothing at the moment, so when I saw these in River Island I had to have them! I kept the outfit simple because I wanted the leggings to do all the work... oh and the clear heels? well, they need no introduction... xx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Topshop belted drape top, Miss Selfridge heels, leggings & bag, H&M hat

I love heels and hats lately, they've become my go-to items. The shoes are perfect, why? Because they're just that. 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

wide leg

Topshop shirt, Miss Selfridge pants, H&M hat

Never thought I'd be in the mood for wide leg trousers, but I've finally found a pair I'm willing to wear. They lengthen the leg so they're not too body conscious and the button detail gives them extra depth. 

Regards, a happy new wide-leg owner  xxx

Friday, 6 April 2012

Working with MouthLondon magazine

Think I have to high-five myself for managing to write this article on top of three university deadlines, working late nights, reading up to three novels a week, becoming a fashion editor of my university newspaper and sending letters off for editorial work experience... but I did it and here it is!

Big THANK YOU to LondonMouth or selecting me to write an article for the printed magazine and making it possible for me to see my name in print!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

nails wraps

Wanted to try these nail wraps as an alternative to varnish. They peeled off half-way through the night so I guess their only benefit over varnish is that they create pretty cool patterns which only a salon could create. Got mine from Claire's for £5 or so.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Wearing: Urban Outfitters velvet jacket, tassel socks, jeans; H&M hat; Topshop shoes; Vintage fur coat

These shoes remind me of the shoes I wore when I was in school. Back then I would have done anything for a heel - now I can't get enough of them. Still breaking them in at the moment, I yearn for the day I can wear them for hours on end with total comfort as the one slightly clips my ankle. But you know what they say, if the shoe fits, it's ugly. 

Will probably be absent from my blog for a few days, the deadlines are following behind me already. xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wearing:  River Island tassel kimono; New Look coat; Urban Outfitters bra, knitted hat; Miss Selfridge skirt; Deena & Ozzy Boots @ Urban Outfitters

As gorgeous as the ocean is deep - these boots really are perfection. I first wore them last summer whilst walking around in Paris - I think their looks got the better of me as they are not entirely comfortable for 'walking' shoes and the suede material together with the style of the shoe - it being a boot, is definitely not good for the sweltering heat of the Parisian city in the summer time. Non the less - their time has finally come- they're perfectly suited for the winter climate and they're becoming a wardrobe favourite.

Also, wanted to post a photo of the view from out garden, Lancaster can be so beautiful as the sun starts to set.


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

casual/ smart

Wearing: Moschino shirt; River Island shoes; Topshop pencil skirt; H&M hat

Half way through first week back to university and the reading load is piling up already! No need to lecture you about mixing casual with smart; a playful pom pom cable hat will play down any outfit - fierce leather and heels included.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

one and a half hours and three bottles of hair dye later, I finally have my new extensions in. :) I dyed my hair darker over Christmas so trying to dye the extensions the same colour as my hair before I could even have them put in was more than awkward. 

But it was worth it - longer than the last ones, I love the end result.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday 13th xxxx

Wearing: Miss Selfridge maxi dress; Asos boots; Urban Outfitters back pack; Topshop faux fur gillet

It's no secret I've been living in black recently. It's a colour that's day-to-night friendly and I'm loving it at the moment. Finally got to take the bag out for a walk, totally forgot how useful back-packs are since my school days. No need for me to introduce the boots - they speak for themselves.

Now, time to go and drown myself in all this reading (yes on a FRIDAY night), it's back to uni next week!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

black, fur & print

Wearing: Urban Outfitters fringed crop bra & faux fur scarf; Miss Selfridge blazor; Levi's shorts @ Urban Outfitters; H&M hat; New Look boots; Dorothy Perkins bag  

Don't be fooled by the cropped bra style top or the shorts - it really is freeeeezing outside. But I was hopping straight into my friend's car and to her house so I decided to take advantage of the clothes I wouldn't otherwise be able to wear due to the weather and show a little flesh.

Now I'm going to the gym. Second time this week, Proud!