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Monday, 25 July 2011

I got sunshine

Primark Sports Bra
Miss Selfridge Leather jacket
River Island skirt
Urban Outfitters Watch
Topshop sandles

Photo's by Georgia

The sun is out!!!!!! And it is actually hot :D I'm going to enjoy these few days of sunshine so don't blame me if you don't hear from me :)

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Lady luck

Asos Boots
Photo's by Georgia

So... :D I had to take my broken camera to the shop to get a quote for repair and in the shopping centre I stumbled across the Jeffrey Campell cloggies in Office. LAST PAIR in my size!??? Yes please... would have been rude not to. 

When I got back, the Asos boots had arrived and they look even better in the flesh :D

Will upload some outfit posts soon. XXX 

Friday, 22 July 2011


Shoes from Clothes Show Live

Not in the best of moods... the Jeffrey Cambell clogs I wanted have sold out... To make it worse.. I had them in my basket, couldn't find my card and they expired in my basket :( Somebody else bought them in the space of 2 minutes!!!!

On the plus side... Found these shoes whilst sorting through loads of my crap. Bought them from Clothes Show Live a few years back. Not sure what make they are! I Completely forgot about them.... Found them a new home in my shoe wardrobe :D xxx

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Head Girl

Miss Selfridge flower dress
Topshop feather earrings

Photo by my mother

Okay, so this post is for my little sister, Georgia... I wanted to say a big well done to her for getting... HEAD GIRL!! =D We are all so proud of her. Each year group at her school consists of four classes of 30 children, its the biggest primary school in the district so she has done very well to achieve what she has achieved. I remember when I used to  feed her with a bottle, when I was in year four of the primary school that she is now head girl of...

Just the other day she asked 'Jess can I borrow some of your clothes, I love all your clothes''
haha growing up so fast!

I love her not just as a sister, but as a best friend too. We've been invited to her school assembly tomorrow where the head's and deputy head's will be introduced to the all parents and congratulated. Can't wait... Well done beautiful xxx

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fetish: from your bedroom to the streets.

H&M t-shirt
Miss Selfridge PVC pants and cardigan
New Look ankle boots
Local rings
Handmade bracelet

Photos by Fergus

Maybe its my inner mischief speaking out but I am loving the new 'Fetish' trend. Fashion just got sexy with corsets, PVC, leather, boots, pants and black... lots and lots of black. There will be a few fashion sceptics who will see this trend as nothing more than trashy. But I see it as an empowerment. Especially as this year was the 100th anniversary of national women's day... so to all you powerful ladies, it's time to crack the whip. No I mean, quite literally... Well if your into that sort of accessory, personally I prefer a necklace. But each to their own I guess.

I kinda wanted to avoid the whole dominatrix look so I played to the more subtle side of fetish by throwing on a cotton t-shirt with PVC pants and leather boots. I'm not really digging the complete mistress/ bondage look to walk around town... I reealllyyyyyyy want some leather trousers though. Also I ordered some new boots from Asos last night. Don't you just hate waiting for them to arrive :( I want them now!!

I love the city in the summertime, for me, culture makes up for the crappy weather. The jewellery photo is of Native American pieces. Which reminds me of another one of this season's trends: The New Native. I love handmade pieces. They're so much more special than costume jewellery which can be bought in bulk at Topshop. Not one piece of Native jewellery is the same - they're only alike in their beauty. Just like the people - so kind and friendly. The lady said it was completely fine to take a photo which I thought was really lovely. My friend Fergus from Vancouver feels a particular connection with these people because they're the First Nation people in Canada and they remind him of back home. He bought me the sun bracelet pictured above and I love it. Even with the right materials and a few 'DIY' moments I couldn't make something so spectacular. Promise less text next time ;-)


Sunday, 17 July 2011

all in the detail

Urban Outfitters satchel bags, sunnies and watches
Miss Selfridge sandles
River Island trilby

Fashion is a head-to-toe affair. How often do I dress without accessories? Never. It's as much about the detail as the main outfit. Love all these babies. When I saw them in the shops I couldn't wait to welcome them to my wardrobe. XXX

Saturday, 16 July 2011

home is where the heart is

Topshop skirt
Topshop Vest
Urban Outfitters watch
Urban outfitters green ring
Miss Selfridge bag

Photo's by Fergus

It's true what they say... home is where the heart is. I love my city. Birmingham has some amazing shops. Especially when its that time of the year when every store lures us in with its orange posters. Yup, sale posters :D. Or its-ok-to-spend-all-your-money-when-everything-is-half-price posters. I spotted that Topshop split skirt on a girl in Lancaster town. I knew I needed it in my summer wardrobe so I ran up to the girl to ask her where she got it from. I bought it in blue in Lancaster and I bought it in pink in Birmingham. They didn't have my size in the green colour :'( But maybe it's a blessing in disguise? Because I reeallyyy need to save some money for Paris. Sorry for photo overload. XXX

Monday, 11 July 2011

One of the boys.

Topshop brogues

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my brogues. Boyish and gorgeous - the kind of shoes that are comfy enough to withstand three hours shopping in Topshop (this is how long my sister, Melissa takes in one shop when shopping so I had to invest in some comfy shoes as I'm seeing her soon in Cannes, France and a shopping trip is definitely on the cards). Can you believe, they were in the Topshop sale??  I mean, you know what things in the sale are like - you ponder over whether you should buy them or not - they haunt you when you leave them on the shelf and when you finally go back to get them, somebody else has snatched them up. There and then, I had to have them.

Masculine lines are the favourite for next season. It makes a nice change to be 'one of the boys'. xx

Sunday, 10 July 2011

19 xxxx

Local big heart necklace, flower cuff, tribal bracelet and silver necklace with jewel.
Pandora Bracelet
F-Hinds Silver Rings
Swarovski heart crystal necklace

Heyyy, sorry for the long blog break, it's been a busy week. I've moved out of halls, had my 19th birthday on the 7th and written my latest article for MouthLondon. Glad my first year of uni is over... easy living and summer starts now! Anyway, lets talk about these babies...

Just look at the colour of that Swarovski necklace. Sapphire is one of the new 'jewel' colours taking over the bright colours of last season. And aren't we glad! Autumn/Winter trends usually take us completely  back-to-black, but the next season's black is punctuated with jewel colours. I love all my birthday gifts, bought me by all my favourite people. I love my birthday. The only time adding to my accessories collection is completely justified. Well - I like to think so anyway... Not sure my parents would say the same. (If you saw my jewellery collection you would know what I'm talking about here). But a girl can never have enough pretty things in my opinion. And that's the ethos I swear by.

I'm loving the silver necklace with the grey jewel in the middle. Beautiful creation with sentimental value. Can a girl ask for much more? My close friend Fergus bought it me for my birthday. He's Canadian and is going back to Vancouver very soon so I cherish everything he buys me.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

From Lanc to Manc

H&M denim jacket,
Vintage bag,
Miss Selfridge scarf,
New Look tie-shirt,
Dorothy Perkins belt,
Topshop skirt & flat sandles,
Bracelets - one is hand-made by my youngest sister
& one I bought when I was eight from a 
Roman museum. 
Primark Strappy wedges
New Look suede wedges

Photo's by Weronika

Say hello to my new shoes. So - I started the day in flats - didn't really want to run for the bus or train in heels - which, for fashion realists, is highly amusing. So I found some beauties in Manchester and changed into the the cream strappy one's pictured above. For those of us who are not 6ft'2 supermodels, they're perfect for adding length in those summer skirts. The suede wedges are my favourite buy - the block colour is amazing. Didn't really want to go back to Lancaster after Manc - had a great day with my best friend Weronika, who I shall never go shopping with again whilst on a budget... we end up buying the whole shop. xxx