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Friday, 21 October 2011

*Coffin on Cake PR* on Carnaby Street

The PR day was so fun, everybody was so helpful and friendly. I still can't believe I have managed to preview collections before they hit the shops or the internet! But... I have and your in for some treats next Spring/Summer '12. Here are some pics from the day, a little preview of the upcoming trends.

This is the pull-in collection, established in 2011. The brand is really big in France but in England the collections are mainly only available online but you may find find a few pieces from the collection in boutiques around the country. 

pull-in lazer-print their designs onto their fabric and the waist-bands used for underwear are made out of the same material used for ski goggles. Now boys, there's no excuse for accusing your girlfriend (or mum) of spoiling your underwear - invest in some pull-in high quality ones!

A blast from the past - Retro returns, Chicago style with the Converse collection. The converse logo is actually embroidered rather than just lazored onto the design, increasing the quality of each piece.

Large Converse bags are available on only have over 500 brands and have gone global in 50 countries. They have 2499 styles (not designs) of t-shirts to cater to all customers, 1370 styles of shoes, and 858 styles of bikinis to name a few of the clothing types that they stock.

The swimwear collection caters to all different body types. They seem to understand that not every woman is a 6ft2 supermodel and not that not all guys live or spend 24/7 in the gym.

 Tye- dye designs take inspiration from the Isle of Wight and will be making an appearance in main-stream fashion come spring/summer 2012, not just at festivals.

 Watch out for this Havanna style shirt - it will be the most popular design featured amongst the collection. 

- No Words - I just thought they are so cute I had to take a photo also have a children's range. Although I almost wish they did this ladybird print in the adult's range - it's so cute.

Skate brand - FALLEN.

For those of you who don't participated in the sport, no need to feel left out, the brand has designed a leather shoe which is inspired by the traditional skate shoe yet is designed for normal, smart wear. Think leather vans, well... sort of.

The lovely guy Christopher who showed me around the collections was kind enough to let me have a free pair of MR Lacy laces. I took the yellow and black ones on the top row shown here. We decided we are probably both going to put them in out brogues. 

Not only are some of the laces designed to glow in the dark, or under UV light, but also in direct sunlight. Last season the brand designed a pair that were white in normal light (inside) and then turned purple in direct sunlight.

I got a free goody-bag containing cheeky samples from the collections :D. Met up with my older sister Melissa for lunch and cocktails after the PR event and ended up staying at hers, so all in all, the day was perfect. 

I'm wearing - Mochino Shirt, Miss Selfridge shorts, Topshop shoes, random headband xxx

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