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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Rewind xx

Cannes Photo Diary
August 11, 2011 - August 18, 2011

Okay so haven't updated this baby in a while. Slight photo overload but trying to get a weeks holiday into one post was never going to be short and snappy.

My camera broke and I've only just received the pictures I managed to take on borrowed cameras :( 

So I've been travelling around France - Cannes with my family and then Paris with a friend... (which I can't believe I didn't have my own camera for :( !!)

I'm back in England now and do I miss France? Well no, actually. Sure the place is beautiful, South of France, Paris but I reeeeeeeeally missed the food available in England - from Indian to Chinese to Polish to Jamaican to British to Italian and even... dare I say it - I missed the English weather - being able to wear planned outfits not sacrificed because of the unbearable heat (especially in Paris) - waking up with no mosquito bites and to cool not sticky air, and just in general: there is no place like home, is there?

Although I will miss waking up to fresh fruit everyday, when the fruit looks this good, and tastes even better, who wouldn't? 


  1. wow, what a wonderful post- thanks for sharing! the sea looks so good :( in germany it's autumn now :(
    thanks so much for your lovely comment! yes, soon i'll post more artwork, for sure. please have a look at my new post :-)
    i'm following you now. follow back?
    have a nice day,
    lovely greets, maren anita

  2. oh sorry, i have forgotten answering your question: the post "narrow alleys" is in portugal, in cascais. it's a wonderful place for holidays!! love it!
    have a nice week!