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Monday, 29 August 2011

Thing about love

Paris Photo Diary.
August 20, 2011 - August 21, 2011

Miss Selfridge denim blazor & skirt
Topshop denim tie shirt
Deena & Ozzy suede boots
Urban Outfitters bag with vintage scarf

Photo's by myself & Fergus

So I'm still getting over the fact my camera broke and I couldn't take it to Paris - hence the scarce selection of photos blogged here. I managed to document only one outfit but hey its better than none, right?

I have two articles to right for MouthLondon that I'll get started on tonight and I can't wait to write the one about Fall trends - definitely going to write about 'Fetish' as its one of my favourite trends - of course, the whip is optional ;)

Anyway more to the point, Paris was beautiful. Simply. City of love. If only I had a camera to capture what my eyes saw. But sometimes the camera never does justice to life's beautiful moments. So maybe its better this way? That they remain an internal memory. 

The second picture is where we stayed, such a beautiful house! The room with the big balcony was ours. We were very lucky.

I had almost a day of travelling there and then a whole day back. Awkward sleeping on the coach to say the least. I'm never going anywhere in Europe on Eurolines again... next time I'm flying!

I only wish the weather was kinder to us - I don't mean rain I mean the heat. For a beach holiday sure but in the city when you have planned outfits and have sights to see its unbearable. Sometimes we didn't go out until after 2pm and still the heat was almost impossible to deal with especially as its a closed off city with no breeze and you have to travel everywhere by underground. 

On one night, there was a storm and lighting kept striking just in front of the Eiffel tower - everybody had their cameras out and if ever I needed one myself it was then! The site was absolutely breathtaking. I don't think I'd ever seen anything so spectacular. During the storm, I'd never felt so glad to the feel the cool rain on my skin - after a hot sticky day it was heaven.

Towards the end of the trip was kinda sad - one of my closest friends who I went with is moving back to Canada October and it was probably the last time we will travel together :( but who knows what the future holds?? Canada... what is with that country!? haha all my best friends seem to be dispersing off there... 

Anyway normal posts coming up soon, I hate having to back date posts. My camera is fixed now and I promise less writing next time too :)

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