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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Head Girl

Miss Selfridge flower dress
Topshop feather earrings

Photo by my mother

Okay, so this post is for my little sister, Georgia... I wanted to say a big well done to her for getting... HEAD GIRL!! =D We are all so proud of her. Each year group at her school consists of four classes of 30 children, its the biggest primary school in the district so she has done very well to achieve what she has achieved. I remember when I used to  feed her with a bottle, when I was in year four of the primary school that she is now head girl of...

Just the other day she asked 'Jess can I borrow some of your clothes, I love all your clothes''
haha growing up so fast!

I love her not just as a sister, but as a best friend too. We've been invited to her school assembly tomorrow where the head's and deputy head's will be introduced to the all parents and congratulated. Can't wait... Well done beautiful xxx

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