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Sunday, 10 July 2011

19 xxxx

Local big heart necklace, flower cuff, tribal bracelet and silver necklace with jewel.
Pandora Bracelet
F-Hinds Silver Rings
Swarovski heart crystal necklace

Heyyy, sorry for the long blog break, it's been a busy week. I've moved out of halls, had my 19th birthday on the 7th and written my latest article for MouthLondon. Glad my first year of uni is over... easy living and summer starts now! Anyway, lets talk about these babies...

Just look at the colour of that Swarovski necklace. Sapphire is one of the new 'jewel' colours taking over the bright colours of last season. And aren't we glad! Autumn/Winter trends usually take us completely  back-to-black, but the next season's black is punctuated with jewel colours. I love all my birthday gifts, bought me by all my favourite people. I love my birthday. The only time adding to my accessories collection is completely justified. Well - I like to think so anyway... Not sure my parents would say the same. (If you saw my jewellery collection you would know what I'm talking about here). But a girl can never have enough pretty things in my opinion. And that's the ethos I swear by.

I'm loving the silver necklace with the grey jewel in the middle. Beautiful creation with sentimental value. Can a girl ask for much more? My close friend Fergus bought it me for my birthday. He's Canadian and is going back to Vancouver very soon so I cherish everything he buys me.


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